Kennedy's Flags Quality Custom Sewing Specialists since 1947

Can I have a custom flag made?

Of course, we make custom flags every day.  Contact one of our qualified flag experts at our toll free number 1877-BUY-FLAG (289-3524), and they will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have

What size flag do I need?

Each customer situation is different, but the standard rule is the length of your flag should be 1/3 to 1/4 the length of your pole (or the height it will be flying if you are putting a bracket and pole on a structure).  For example, if your pole is 20' high, you would fly a flag that was between 60" and 80" long.

Do you have a retail store?

We have two stores in Erin, a retail store at 120 Main Street, and a Factory Store at 20 Shamrock Road, Unit #6.

Do you repair flags?

Each of our Wind Images Appliqued flags come with a free fly end repair, and we will repair all our competitors flags as well.  

Do you repair other items?

We do some repairs on our industrial side, but each sewing job is unique so we would need to assess the repair before we can take on the job.

Credit Card Charges, Why is Kennedy House or Kennedy Specialty Sewing on my Credit Card Statement?

We have three companies under our main heading.  If our name appears on your credit card statement, please remember that we are the manufacturer of Naturally Rugged Clothing, we have a Retail store at 120 Main Street in Erin called Village Green and our Factory store at 20 Shamrock Road, Unit #6.  If you have any questions regarding your purchases, please call our office at (519) 833-9306 and we will help you understand where your purchase was made.

What is Appliqued?  

Appliqued is a sewing process where an image is sewn to the front and back of a flag using a zig zag stitch on fabric and then trimming away excess material after the image is sewn.  It is very labour intensive and the quality of work is evident when you see the final product.