A bit about us and flags

More than just flags.....


Since 1947 we have been manufacturing flags and banners in our specialized sewing shop. We are a family owned and operated manufacturing facilty dedicated to producing quality products for our customers.  Proud to be MADE IN CANADA!!!!   

Why fly a flag?


People fly flags for various reasons.  Most importantly, you should fly a flag to prove you are proud of your heritage, whether that heritage is Canadian or some other culture.  Once you have a flag, it will help you determine wind direction and speed before stepping outside of your house.  

What better way to welcome friends and family to your home than an artistic image gently waving in the breeze.  Or showcase your flowerbeds with a flag stand and eye-catching image.  Celebrate all the occasions of your life with a variety of flags through the year.  Your neighbours will love to see what you will be flying next.

Maybe you are supporting your favorite sports team as they shoot for the cup.  

Flag etiquette dictates that no other country flag should be flown above the Canadian Flag.  It does not dictate you must fly a Canadian flag.  Part of our freedom is that we can fly any flag we want.  Enjoy your heritage and celebrate it the way it deserves!


History of Canada's Flag


The Canada Flag was approved by Parliament ond proclaimed by Her Majesty the Queen on February 15, 1965.  February 15 is known in Canada as Flag Day!  It is described as a red flag with the proportions of two by length and one by width, containing a white square in the centre the width of the flag bearing a single red maple leaf.

Several designs were put forth to be chosen as our national flag.  The most memorable being the "Pearson Pennant", which had two smaller blue bars on each end and a cluster of red leaves in the centre white square.  To this day, we still get requests to make this version of the flag.

The flag flown as the national flag of Canada from 1867-1965 is known as the Red Ensign.  We sell many of these every year to veterans and those opposed to the "new" flag design.

For more information on Canada's Flag please see

The Origin of Canada's Flag 

What Makes Kennedy's Flags Special

What Sets our Products Apart?


We start with quality raw material and finish with lasting reinforcement.  With over 70 years experience and qualified staff, the quality is sewn in.  Our flags are proudly Made In Canada!

From Installation to Maintenance, we'll have you flying high!

How We Started


It all started as a dream Robert Dickson had in 1947.  He wanted to provide customers with quality flags.  He had an idea about sewing flags together as they did with the US flags he had seen while on vacation.  He got himself a sewing machine and decided to make a few flags, and sold them to local businesses.  Then he found a niche market where he could provide quality sewing to customers on a large scale.  He moved the business into an old Massey Ferguson dealership.  In those days Kennedy's made everything from cold air inflatables to 50 x 100' Canada Flags.  In 1987 he sold the business to longtime employee Brenda Broughton, and it has stayed in that family ever since.

Manufacturing Process


We create quality flags by starting with the best raw materials.  

Our appliqued flags are made with UV resistant nylon, 210 denier, and have three layers of material where the leaf is sewn on.  The fly end is sewn four times for durability and we offer free fly end re-sew with every flag we make.  We have been making these flags the same way since  1947.  Although the technology of the raw materials has improved over the years, the quality of the flag is the same.

Our digitally printed flags are made with high tenacity 70D nylon.  These flags are lightweight and fly easily in any breeze, but they have a tight weave so they have the durability you would expect from flags made at Kennedy's.  The print has almost zero bleed and great penetration!  You can't tell the difference between our digitally printed flags and silk screened flags!


Where we are today

Kennedy's has come a long way from the days in Bob's garage....  We have two large format printers to keep up with the changing demands of our customers.  Our sewers have been trained on the values of quality over quantity.  When you buy a flag from Kennedy's, the quality is sewn in.  We offer free fly end re-sew with every flag we sell, helping to keep your patriotism from looking tattered and torn.  

We have taken on a clothing company to help keep the sewers busy during the slow winter months when no one is thinking about flags. 

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