Terms and Conditions


PRINTED FLAGS  - Our flags are digitally printed on 1.9oz nylon.  Due to the printing process, we will match all colours as closely as possible to the PANTONE colour charts.  These charts are designed for printing on paper, therefore 100% chromatic reproduction may not occur on fabric.  Please discuss with your sales representative.

APPLIQUED FLAGS - Appliqued flags are made from 3.5oz nylon and the process of sewing the design to the front and back of the flag, rather than silk screening.  For this application, we can only use the limited colours available in nylon, therefore, there is no pantone matching and flags are made with colours as close as possible.  

SIZE  -  Due to the sewing process, flags may be plus/minus 2.5% of the quoted sizes.  If greater precision is required, please discuss with your sales representative.

**FREE FLY END RESEW - To claim your free fly end repair, please bring your flag to:

Kennedy's Flags

20 Shamrock Road, Unit 6

ERIN, ON     N0B 1T0

The fly end repair is resew only, so please take your flag down at the first signs of wear, otherwise it may be necessary to change the shape of the flag.

REFUND/EXCHANGE POLICY - All sales of custom flags and banners are final.  Any stock item may be exchanged if still in the original packaging and has not been flown, or is not dirty.

F.O.B./TAXES - Unless otherwise specified, all sales are F.O.B. Erin, ON with all taxes extra.  Taxes will not be excluded without current exemption certificates.

TERMS - Our terms are COD on all orders, with a 50% deposit required on all custom orders.  Standard prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.  Custom quotations are subject to review after 30 days.

Artwork - Artwork approval is available upon request.