What is Appliqued?


Appliqued is a sewing process where an image is sewn to the front and back of a flag using a zig zag stitch on fabric and then trimming away excess material after the image is sewn.  It is very labour intensive and the quality of work is evident when you see the final product

What size flag do I need?

Each customer situation is different, but the standard rule is the length of your flag should be 1/3 to 1/4 the length of your pole (or the height it will be flying if you are putting a bracket and pole on a structure).  For example, if your pole is 20' high, you would fly a flag that was between 60" and 80" long.

How Do I Choose a Flag for my Boat?

As for the size for flag to fly, there is a formula to choose your flag size, but each customer situation is different.  The rule of thumb is one inch of flag for every foot of boat.  A 25' boat should fly a 25" flag.

Do you repair flags?

Each of our Wind Images Appliqued flags come with a free fly end repair, and we will repair all our competitors flags as well.  As with all warranty claims, it is your responsibility to return the flag and pick it up.  Should you need to send it back to us, include return postage in the box, as well as a letter to tell us how to contact you.  Not all flags are repairable.

Can I purchase parts to repair my flagpole?

We carry a complete collection of replacement parts for your residential pole.  If you require parts for your industrial pole, we may need to order those in.  We try to carry the most popualr parts, but it's not always what you need.

What size pole is best for my house?

Unfortunately, this is not a cookie cutter decision.  It depends on the size of your house, the size of your yard and what type  of look you were hoping to achieve.  You want the flag to appear as if it is flying above the house when viewed from the street.  If you have questions, our pole specialists can help you make the right decision based on your needs.

Do you repair more than flags?

We do some repairs on our industrial side, but each sewing job is unique so we would need to assess the repair before we can take on the job. 

Are there flag rules?

There are "rules" to be followed when displaying flags, and everyone should follow them.  These rules are known as flag etiquette and you can read about them here.

How long will my flag last?

This is another tough question to answer....it depends on where your flag is, what type of installation you have, and whether or not you are flying the proper size flag.  The average life of a flag is three to six months.  Most of our customers replace their flags once a year, or once every other year.  Our fly end re-sew usually doubles the life of your flag.

Does my flag come with a warranty?

Although we cannot offer a warranty due to volatile weather conditions, we will re-sew your fly end for free.  To ensure your flag outlasts your expectancy, you need to:

1.  Fly the proper size flag for your pole  (The length of the flag should be 1/3 to 1/4 the length of your pole)

2.  Take your flag down at night, it's dark and no one can see it anyway, and most strong winds happen during those hours.

3.  Bring your flag in for repair at the first signs of wear.  It's easier to repair the flag when most of it is still intact.  Once the seam is gone, you will find it unravels quickly.

4.  Make sure the fly path of the flag is free of debris.  There should be no trees, bushes, rocks, shingles, decks, or sharp areas on the pole to catch on the flag while it is flying.  

Is it illegal to fly a tattered flag?

We agree that no one should fly a tattered flag, but if the flag police had to go around and fine everyone whose flag was torn and tattered, they would never get any rest.  Instead, we suggest you recommend our site for them to find an new long-lasting flag!